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Posted By: GUEST,Ralphie
24-Jul-08 - 02:51 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Recording with Zoom H4 on Audacity
Subject: RE: Tech: Recording with Zoom H4 on Audacity
Hi Mary.

I sometimes use the Zoom as an input, coupled with a Digidesign/Analogue interface.

I use Cubase myself, but, multiple tracks are very possible.
It's all down to how big your storage is, and how fast your processing power is (RAM)

As for recording stuff. Mono would be fine for single note instruments (Fiddles, Whistles, etc)
Personally for multistringed instruments (Guitars, Bouzoukis, Dulcimer, Piano etc), I would experiment with Stereo Micing.
It's up to you and your budget, but, with a good set of ears, it's amazing what you can do at home.

It's all down to processing power. The more you've got, the more room you've got for playing about!!!

Obviously, use the best mics you can afford!! (S**t in, S**t out philosophy!)

Good Luck, and look forward to hearing the results.

Regards Ralphie.

(PS. It's all a learning curve, Feel free to ask more questions)