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Posted By: CupOfTea
25-Jul-08 - 09:56 AM
Thread Name: Review: Why won't Tom Waits play in England!!!!!
Subject: RE: Review: Why won't Tom Waits play in England!!!!!
nope, never seen him live on Mudcat. (rimshot)

Live in Clevelad, yes. It's been many years. Many Many - early 80s I think, so I've no idea what sort of show he gives these days. It was a grand show, sort of beatnik poetry & song, with some stage settings- a car, a diner booth. Though some covers of his songs are "prettier." none have more conviction than when Waits himself sings them.

He also gave some of THE best audience comebacks to a heckler in the audience. I'm not sure all the frat boys in attendance realized the depth of Waits, perhaps being there on the strength of "Pasties and a G-string" (as in pasted on the chest, not et in Cornwall) Waits was doing an introduction to a song about an old girlfriend. Jerkwater in the front hollers up "did she have big tits??" Waits pauses, contemplates it, and responds to the guy "No, actually she had small tits, do YOU have big tits?" It was a neatly timed rebuff of an interruption and squelched the heckler with one line. And I remember it 25+ years later. Powerful performer.