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Posted By: Suzy T.
26-Jul-08 - 12:36 PM
Thread Name: Info: Frankie Armstrong
Subject: RE: frankie armstrong
I had the amazing good fortune to travel and work with Frankie when I was in my late teens and early 20s, back in the 1970s. We've stayed in touch, although she doesn't travel to the states very often now, and I am not able to get to Wales either. She did have an operation, it must be 10 years ago (??) now, which restored her sight to about what it was when I first met her in 1974; it had been deteriorating for years. As has been mentioned, she's not doing much performing but is leading vocal workshops, often for actors. She was a huge influence on me in so many ways. I'm trying to remember when it was that she last came here to visit -- I think about 3 years ago -- she looked exactly the same except for grey hair. The first time we met, she was in America on some kind of grant (a Fullbright???) connected with her work with drug addicts. I wish more people knew about her -- but I don't think she cares about that -- and I never have felt that her recordings even come close to capturing the immense power of her live performances. As I remember, John Pole was involved with the work that Frankie was doing with drug addicts in London, and connected with folk music as well but that's all I can remember and knowing his song "Jack the Lad" you could have guessed that yourself...