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Posted By: Aoife
08-Jun-00 - 01:52 PM
Thread Name: Mimi Baez very ill
Subject: RE: Mimi Baez very ill
Margaret, I am glad my thoughts spoke to you as well... When I first read this thread the other night, I became incredible saddened by it, and as Spaw has, I have been listening to "Reflections in a Crystal wind" for the past few days. Have you read Dick Farina's book? I just bought it, and now since I have graduated, I will hopefully have time to read it. Spaw, Mimi does indeed sing with pure emotion and "delivers" her music masterfully. "The quiet joys of brotherhood" is probably the best example of this. There has always been something very childlike in mimi's voice, from her early album to recent recordings. THis aura of innocence and purity has been what has attracted me to her voice. I wish I could meet her and offer her some consolation. In April,when I saw Joan in concert, my mother asked how Mimi was doing. Joan took a minute to respond, and than said "she is well in spirit, and isn't that the most important thing?" Perfect answer. -Aoife