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Posted By: Abby Sale
08-Jun-00 - 05:43 PM
Thread Name: The Ould Triangle
Subject: RE: The Ould Triangle
I'm just finished reading "The Quare Fellow" for which Behan wrote (and, on tape, sang) "The Old Triangle." If anyone wants the words as per the play, let me know. All the action takes place just out side the punishment cells. Picture solid-door cells similar to a Western showing 1880's prisons. All the terms are explained by context of the play and, clearly, MacColl picked up his use of criminal's slang from Behan (or at least partly.) MacColl's rendition is closest.

Sandy, I'd really like to know if you remember Behan singing in any particular accent. Generally when the song text is given, an almost comic/music-hall implication is given in the spelling. Behan spells all in standard English & that leads me to wonder how he sang it. The play's script offers no clues.

In fact, nearly all the singing is done off stage by a prisoner inside a cell. He sings a verse or two -- or a line or two and is interupted. Perhaps by the screw yelling at him (it's supposed to be a silent cell-block but this is little observed.) to shut up or eles _I'll_ give you weep about -- or more often just by the curtain. As a result the play opens and closes on the song.