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Posted By: greg stephens
30-Jul-08 - 09:46 AM
Thread Name: EFDSS and competitions
Subject: RE: EFDSS and competitions
Dick: I am with Ruth on this, if you really want the EFDSS to organise national competitions, join up and propose it. Human nature being what it is, members of a society are unlikely to react favourably to being lectured incessantly about what they ought to do, if the lecturing is coming from an outsider.
    You accuse me of not knowing how Comhalts organises competitions: I wasn't talking about Comhaltas, I was talking about the kinds of arguments that would inevitably arise if a committee of the EFDSS tried to organise a national competition in England. Now, in a modest way I have acquired, by plugging away for forty years, a reputation as someone who knows a bit about English fiddle tunes and suchlike allied subjects. So I might well be in line to be considered as a judge in such a competition: well,if so, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole!
    There is a kind of competition I would welcome. If organisations like the Grasmere Sports, or county agricultural shows, or village fetes, or family fun days in parks, or similar, had a fiddling competition, or a clogging competition, with a £100 prize, or whatever: well, then I think I'd be all for it. As long as some self-appointed knowall(or knowalittlebutnotall) wasn't prescribing the details of the "national style" the entrants were meant to be adopting. Because that way madness lies.