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Posted By: The Sandman
30-Jul-08 - 05:02 PM
Thread Name: EFDSS and competitions
Subject: RE: EFDSS and competitions
jim ,the Beano is funnier.
EFDSS has in the past organised competitions.
CCE organise Fleadhs based around competitions these are a great success,particularly the regional and national fleadhs.a spin off of which are the many fine sessions.
CCE also organise exams,For those that are less competitive minded.
they are the only group who teach instruments on a national basis in England[something EFDSS dont do].
CCE also organise workshops with tuition in regional styles.
During the summer they organise sessuins[ traditional musical gatherings that are not competitive]these can be very good
during the winter some branches[Skibbereen CCE is one]organise musical get togethers for children,in a safe environment these are non competitive.,many children love these.
so Jim ,is Incorrect, CCE is much more than an organisation aimed at glittering prizes,that is part of it but that is not its entirety.
when did you last attend a Comhaltas branch meeting Jim?
your information is out of date,and your opinions misinformed.
I have my reservations about Comhaltas and consider them a Curates Egg,good in places.
now to EFDSS,
competitions do not have to be based on the comhaltas model,there are many different possible formulas.
I suggested earlier, one possibility,regional competitions judging regional styles,with no national competition.
another is a national songwriting competition[efdss did this recently]
another could be something akin to the Fred Jordan competition cup[Saltburn Festival]for unaccompanied traditional singing..
another possibility might be a northumbrian pipe competition.
a lancashire clog competition,as part of a Lancashire night etc
if these were all held in CecilSharp house,they would draw people into the House. of course a Lancashire night would be more succesful if it was held in lancashire .Dick Miles