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Posted By: Jim Carroll
31-Jul-08 - 11:16 AM
Thread Name: EFDSS and competitions
Subject: RE: EFDSS and competitions
To put all this in a historical context.
It's tends not to get bandied about too much but back in the fifties the EFDSS ran competitions. They put elderly singers like George 'Pop' Maynard in front of a panel of judges and humiliated them by telling them what was wrong with their singing. They alienated a great many people by their crass behaviour; dig out some of the people who were there if you don't believe me. Knowing how you feel about the older singers, perhaps this doesn't bother you too much - it does me, and it appears just as crass to suggest repeating the exercise.
I wasn't there, so I only have this information second hand; however, I did attend some of the 'Fiddler of London' competitions where some of the finest and most important source musicians were (for the best reasons in the world) humiliated in more or less the same way by setting them against youngsters with all the skills (and their youth) at their command.
What on earth could possibly be achieved by reintroducing such 'inquisitions'.
"Jim,if EFDSS,decided to reintroduce competitions,how they proposed to run them is up to them."
No - you suggested this idiotic idea; how do you propose it should be run?
Some time ago you offered to finance such competitions and proposed yourself as a judge - do you really think you are qualified?
Jim Carroll