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Posted By: Mrrzy
09-Jun-00 - 01:52 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Kemo Kimo (from Ed McCurdy)
Subject: Lyr Add: KEMO KIMO (from Ed McCurdy)
Version by Ed McCurdy on an album of children's songs

There was a frog lived in the spring.
Sing song kitty kitchy kime-e-o.
He was so hoarse he could not sing.
Sing song kitty kitchy kime-e-o.

CHORUS: Kemo kimo, where o where,
M'hee, m'high, and in come Sally singing,
Sing song pennywhistle ding tongue nippy cat,
Sing song kitty kitchy kime-e-o.

I grabbed that frog and pulled him out. Sing song...
He hopped and he skipped and he danced all about. Sing song... CHORUS

She's in the spring-house, 9 days old. Sing song...
The rats and the mice are a-getting mighty bold. Sing song... CHORUS

Way down yonder in Possum Creek, sing song...
The fellows grow to beat 10 feet. Sing song... CHORUS

Try to sleep, but it's no use. Sing song...
Their feet stick out for the hens to roost. Sing song... CHORUS

Repeat chorus as fast as you can.