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Posted By: sapper82
01-Aug-08 - 07:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: If you see Sid tell him . . .
Subject: RE: BS: If you see Sid tell him . . .
From: Richard Bridge - PM
Date: 31 Jul 08 - 02:49 PM

"Who wanted only, like other workers by hand and brain, the ownership of the means of production and benefits of the fruits of their labours."

Richard, I am a worker. I am the son of a pitman and a pitman's daughter.
I class myself as Educated Working Class.
As such I have little interest in having "ownership" of the means of my employment.
All I ask for is that I have competant managers above me (Fat chance with Notwork Fail I must admit) and that I get a fair days pay for a fair days work in decent working conditions.

Other than that I don't give a toss about who owns the company and I certainly do not give a toss about outdated Marxist claptrap like that!!