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Posted By: GUEST,JeffB
01-Aug-08 - 06:14 PM
Thread Name: Songs about Horses
Subject: Lyr Add: THE CARTER
And there's Creeping Jane of course, and I would also like to put in a vote for The Carter, which I first heard on Bonnet and Shawl. I've since come across another verse, the 3rd in the version below, which is the way I sing it :-

1    When I was a young man I followed the team,
      and my only delight was in keeping them clean.
    With brushes and curries I showed their bright colour
      and the name that they gave me was Hearty Good Fellow.

2    As ever in the evening when I go to my bed
      the thoughts of my horses run into my head -
    and I rise in the morning for something to eat
      just as soon as I do get my boots on my feet.

3    The first was a white horse as white as the milk,
      and the next was a grey horse as soft as the silk,
    and the next was a brown horse as sleek as a mole,
      and the next was a black horse like diamonds did show.

4    When we goes a-driving out on the highway
      if the load it be light then I feeds 'em on hay,
    and I gives 'em some water when we come to a pond,
      and then after we've drunk boys move steadily on.

5    My feet they grow weary a-walking by their side
      so I says to myself - you must get up and ride.
    And as I was riding I made this new song,
      so now you must learn it and sing it along.

6    Repeat 1

Can the usual suspects know or find out anything on this, I wonder? I think it's a fine song to sing, partly because of the lovely flowing melody, but also because of the words - the simple love of a simple man for his horses. So I suppose someone will now prove it was a stage song from late Vic music hall.