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Posted By: Peter K (Fionn)
02-Aug-08 - 06:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: If you see Sid tell him . . .
Subject: RE: BS: If you see Sid tell him . . .
With drooling admirers like you around Don, did Thatcher really need to buddy up with people like Pinochet? Or is Pinochet another of your Gods? Thatcher enjoyed the best years of North Sea oil and gas revenues, sold off the family silver (Macmillan's phrase I believe?) and still managed to leave the country in a mess. Or have you forgotten the state of the economy in 1991? She ensured that the gap between rich and poor grew wider - faster in fact than in any developed country except New Zealand - largely by reducing taxes on income and increasing them on spending (VAT etc).

Major and Blair allowed that trend to continue, but then Blair was a committed Thatcherite himself, noticeably more so than Major. At least Major and Blair played instrumental parts in bringing stability to Northern Ireland. And Labour not only introduced a minimum wage but also created more than two million jobs. (So much for Tory whining that a minimum wage would drive up unemployment.)