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Posted By: Jed at Work
09-Jun-00 - 12:09 PM
Thread Name: Electronic Tuners:Pro - and Con
Subject: RE: Electronic Tuners:Pro - and Con
I like dial tuners, but they don't seem to be practical for on-stage use - I use a Boss pedal (chromatic). It sits on the floor and passed the signal stright through except when I turn it on (by stomping the foot switch) - then the tuner turns on, and kills the signal to the board. This means when I tune the audience hears nothing. The LED arrangement it uses approximates the moevement of a needle. It sucks up batteries, but so does my pre-amp. I always carry batteries, just like I always carry strings.

In Texas they have tuners, too - but they are frequently ignored at jam sessions. When I go, I used to tune up precisely before joining the session, but I found I would always give up, and 'sweeten' my tuning to the prevailing pitch of the room! I never did win the arguement about who was right, and who was wrong! Performance, of course is differnet story; even Texans tune to concert pitch before playing on stage. ;-)