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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
03-Aug-08 - 04:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: If you see Sid tell him . . .
Subject: RE: BS: If you see Sid tell him . . .
""It does go back a long way Peter, but as a seven year old boy, I wasn't too aware of politics".

I can imagine though, that the Tories, and indeed many Labour MPs showed reactions ranging from doubt to horror, as one might expect, when considering as profound a change as that must have been.

In the 50+ years that I have been politically aware, however, I have found that I have been more in command of my own economic situation whenever there has been a Tory government, and I am true working class, never having earned more than about half the national average wage, and currently languishing, thanks to Gordon Brown, on rather less than one third.

I am currently driving a car kindly lent by a very good friend, because it takes two months or more to raise the £150 needed to repair my own. Had it not been for this kind assistance, I would have been forced to give up the part time job that makes financial survival possible. At 68 I should be able to retire, but that is just a distant dream, since Gordon lost half my pension.

Reasons to be Tory Part 1.

Don T.