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Posted By: Whistle Stop
09-Jun-00 - 02:19 PM
Thread Name: Electronic Tuners:Pro - and Con
Subject: RE: Electronic Tuners:Pro - and Con
As for the "quiet acoustic folkie thing," that was my characterization, and you're right, it's not exactly accurate. Although I'll bet you my five-piece electric band gets louder than any of your folkie ensembles, bagpipes or no.

Mooh, I'm glad you mentioned the frustration of trying to rely on an LED readout at an outdoor gig. I've had to deal with that on numerous occasions, and it isn't just tuners that use LEDs -- there are lots of preamps, stomp boxes, effects units, etc. that rely on LEDs to indicate on/off status, levels, etc. Out in broad daylight you just can't see the damn things.