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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
15-Aug-08 - 05:21 AM
Thread Name: Meaning of 'Weep for Jamie'?
Subject: RE: Meaning of 'Weep for Jamie'?
Thanks for resurrecting this interesting thread, which happened before my Mudcat days so I missed it first time around. I think all the interpretations above are plausible, but in my mind the phrase "womb never filled" doesn't rule out abortion. It could mean that her womb will never now be filled because an abortion has destroyed its reproductive capability. They were not legally available except to people who met a strict set of conditions, so desperate terrified girls often paid extortionate sums of money (where'd they get it?) to backstreet sharks who ruined their bodies. Many wombs were never filled after such an experience.

But the sexual-abuse interpretation is just as apt, and just as compelling. One can even (if you can bear the thought) combine the two themes.

I have never actually heard this song: I saw it in a Peter Paul & Mary Songbook, was struck by those riveting words, and played/sang it for myself. It's beautiful and its meaning will never (alas) go out of date. Did Peter Yarrow ever give any background as to how he came to write it? (Supposed to be working & truly don't have time to surf the PPM site right now.) It has the horrifying ring of a true-life tale. That is some song. It should be heard more widely.