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Posted By: Jim Carroll
16-Aug-08 - 04:10 AM
Thread Name: yodeling and Yeats
Subject: RE: yodeling and Yeats
Never really been able to take yodelling seriously since I heard Billy Connolly's description of finding a songbook in a Glasgow music shop with all the yodels written out yodel-for-yodel.
Then there was the story of the climber climbing in the Swiss Alps late in the year when he falls and breaks his leg.
He is found by a mountain shepherd who takes him to his home on the mountain, feeds him, gives him a bed, but because the weather begins to deteriorate, is unable to get him down the mountain.
The family look after him throughout the winter and to pass the time they entertain him by teaching him to yodel.
Gradually his leg heals and as the weather improves, the shepherd makes exploratory trips down the mountain to see if it it possible to get the climber back home. One day he returns from a trip to find the climber in bed with the daughter of the house. He is furious and chase s him down the mountain shouting "I took you in when you were ill, I fed you, I gave you a bed - I even taught you how to yodel; and how do you repay me? You sleep with my daughter".
"And your old la-ee-dee", came the reply.
Jim Carroll