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Posted By: Jayto
17-Aug-08 - 01:20 PM
Thread Name: Let's talk John Prine
Subject: RE: Let's talk John Prine
I was playing guitar for John and I was not too old maybe 20 or 19 maybe. My mother came to our hotel one night after we had a gig. Everybody was hanging out by the pool relaxing and talking. We had the guitars out and was having a great time when my mom showed up. Well I turned into the nervous kid you know " I need to act cool because mom will kill me if I don't" type thing. I will not lie Mom has the ability to turn me into a 5 yr old to this day I don't know why. Well she comes up and I introduce her to everyone and pull her up a seat. She sits and we are all laughing and cutting up having a great time. I look over and see an arm outreached toward my Mom hold a joint. I choked and was like "NOOOOOOO" mentall y of course lol. My mom just smiled and was like " No thank you I don't smoke." I about had a heart attack. I think John saw it in my eyes because he looked like he was about to start rolling with laughter. To this day I don't think my Mom knew what it was. I seriously think that she still thinks it was a normal cigarette lol I knew and to this day my heart skips a beat when I think about it lol.