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Posted By: Joe Offer
20-Aug-08 - 03:53 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sing Song Girl
Subject: Lyr Add: MY SING SONG GIRL (Burnside, Hubbell)
Sheet music for the 1919 song is available at the link Jim Dixon provided at Indiana University:

My Sing Song Girl
(words by R.H. Burnside, music by Raymond Hubbell, 1919)

Sing Song Lee was a cute chinee,
And she worked in her father's shop.
She sang all day in her Chinese way,
'Till a Mandarin chanced to stop
At the window where he began to stare,
Then went in to buy some tea;
But he lost his head and his heart instead,
The moment he met Sing Song Lee.

My Sing Song Girl
(Pletty sing, Pletty sing song lik-ee Sing Song)
My Hong Kong pearl
(Pletty girl, Pletty pearl lik-ee Hong Kong)
You know how much I admire you.
I'll show you how much I desire you.
Won't you belong to me?
(Pletty name, pletty game, lik-ee Ping Pong)
My brain's a whirl
(All-ee same, much-ee glame lik-ee Hop-sticks)
My heart I hurl
(Pletty soon honeymoon lik-ee Chopstick)
I want my arms around you,
I'm glad so glad I found you
My pearl of the Orient, My Sing Song Girl.

Now this Mandarin, who had vowed to win
This cute little Chinese maid,
Told her Chinese pa and her Chinese Ma,
And much gold for her he paid.
Soon without a doubt, Chinese bells rang out,
And the people sang with glee
In their Chinese way, on the wedding day
Of the Mandarin and Sing Song Lee.

Source: Indiana University Sheet Music Collection

I can't imagine anybody writing a song like this nowadays. Gee, maybe society has made some progress....