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Posted By: Amos
24-Aug-08 - 01:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Goodness, the Bush administration has changed the landscap[e in far-reaching ways, hasn't it??

IT has been a wild couple of days here at San Woebegin, my home town in the sunny Southwest.   For the first time in some weeks I did go out kayaking. On Friday, my best-beloved wife's sister (BBWS) and their mom (my MIL) arrived and filled the house with gay chitchat. They went to the airport for us to meet a woman we had never met but who was a close friend at work of BBWS, in the NPS offices in Denver, and BBWS had no idea this lady named Nancy was going to come to an Diego for the special occasion--that was drawing people together from all over the country--of BBWS' birthday, the celebration of her big six-oh. When BBWS saw Nancy at the airport she went into a faint of amazement, which was most gratifying to those who had plotted the surprise. Mid-afternoon the Young Renter who is living in our spare bedroom until her house purchase goes through showed up with her husband who is here for a brief visit from his duties at Fort Bragg. They began with a couple of friends to set up a large spread for a thank you party she was throwing for those who helped her move. Then MIL got busy in the sam ekitchen readying up a nice bunch of platters for a a handful of guests we were having over at the same time. Worlds in collision!! I don't mind saying it was somewhat chatic in that kitchen for several hours. I escaped myself to drive to the airport to meet my best-beloved daughter, BBD, who arrived with her cornet and suitcase. Sheer joy personified, to an aging Paw.

Oh, and the Concert Pianist arrived from Ohio Thursday evening and spent the night. He is an old friend of BBWS from childhood and agreed to come help celebrate the Day.

So Friday evening we have a huge crowd. One half the house is occupied by the Young Engineering crowd chowing down on babyback ribs and the patio is covered with a slightly older set, including the Oceanographer, the Retired Physicist, the COncert Pianist, The Choreoggrapher, spouses and friends and wine and plates of food. The electricity in the house was palpable, buzzing conversations, some jazz playing, There was some cross over betweent he sets, as I knew many of the Young Engineering crowd from work, and a couple of the engineers got to talking with The Physicist. The COncert Pianist graced the evening with a couple of fine pieces, which the older crowd loved and the younger crowd listened to with respect and admiration.

By 9:00 pm the crowd had thinned and we took to scrubbing and washing and drying and figuring out what to do with the left overs. The fridge is groaning with leftovers. Three trashbags full of stuff in the trash. One drain backed up with (probably) fruit rinds and vegetable cuttings carelessly dispatched by the inexperienced into an aged drain system. When the last dish was washed and the last guest sent off with cheery farewells, we all crashed. MIL and BBWS to a hotel, the Concert Pianist from Ohio to a friend's house, Nancy to our spare bed in the printer room, all slipped intot he arms of Morpheus.

Saturday, after a lazy breakfast, we loaded up the car with twenty cases of wine and water and fruity drink and such and John from Northern California arrived A motorcade of three cars all made their way about fifty miles North and East to a beautiful ranchhouse among avocado groves with a huge patio and lovely pool and jacuzzi, in the shadow of Mount Palomar, where we deployed. Guests from all over the county arrived in this far off hard to find enclave, around 4, and soon a party celebrating BBWS' 60th was in full swing. There was a lovely 40' concert of short selections in the finest classical tradition by the Concert Pianist. There was a heart-melting duet with Barky on cornet, and the Concert Pianist playing piano, rendering "Believe me if all Those Endearing Young Charms", a real tear-jerker of a melody. There were dogs chasing tennis balls and there were small boys splashing in the pool, there was flowong wines and tequila and beer, and spare ribs and catered steamtables full of delicacies, and a CD of yours truly playing a song for BBWS especially written for her, and a slideshow of photos from he rlife playing on the wide screen tv, and all sorts of terrific gifts. It finally wound down about 6 hors later.

When it was all over, I carried five cases of unused wine back to the car and drove MIL and Barky back down the hill.   BBW and Nancy and BBWS are out trailriding in the back hills this morning, so things have quieted down.

But that's why I haven't been posting much this weekend.