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Posted By: Big Tim
26-Aug-08 - 11:32 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Kishmules Galley? / Kishmul's Galley
Subject: RE: factory girls and Kishmules Galley lost lyric
Here's the rest from Campbell and Collinson. The suspicion here is that this may be from an entirely different song, which somehow was grafted on! It is prefaced 'Change', (in Gaelic, 'altharraich').

When I was a girl,'neath the sheen of my tresses,
I'd not lie myself down beside any mean fellow,
I'd prefer a fine man who'd never be churlish,
A handsome man, dark yellow haired, not conceited,
Who'd climb the moor with his gun on his shoulder,
Who'd hunt antlered deer in the rush-covered valley,
Who's hunt the [black] cock and the red roe deer,
And the grey hen who'd raise her brood in the cold nest,
Who'd not be ashamed if her tenth egg was taken.