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Posted By: Fred McCormick
28-Aug-08 - 05:30 AM
Thread Name: definition of a ballad
Subject: RE: definition of a ballad
Sorry Bill. I did get the humorous riposte. But as I said there's few things which produce a faster kneejerk reaction in me than ballad begrudgers. However, when I saw your posting about Doc Watson I thought 'this man can't be all bad'. And of course Doc has made some excellent ballad recordings himself.

Personally I shall ignore the begrudgers and continue to regard the ballads as one of the pinnacles of folk tradition, along with Homeric epics, amhránaí ar an sean nós, and some of the massive and extraordinary folktales of Gaelic Ireland.

But maybe anyone who is less than totally gobsmacked by Ewan MacColl singing Clyde's Water should be somewhere else.

*tsk*... Fred McCormick...I see my attempt at cynical humor went a mite astray. *little grin*...

I like ballads. I DO a few ballads. I am one who stays in the room when a ballad is announced.
y posts here go waaaayyy back to '96, and I have posted lyrics to ballads, pieces of some, and some complete MP3s to help folks learn tunes. I am sorry anyone worried for a minute that I was "denouncing" ballads. I guess I gotta be more careful....

(anyone need a tune to a Child ballad? I have some for almost every one for which there IS a known tune.)