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Posted By: Barry Finn
30-Aug-08 - 12:46 AM
Thread Name: A Nice Labor Day Story....
Subject: RE: A Nice Labor Day Story....
Thanks Amos for the telling of this story.

When I started out in the construction trades (1971) there was no saftey, there was no OSHA. When I left the trades (2005) one of the hats I wore was the construction company's only saftey officer. It took ages for saftey to become an issue (my self included). When I started I rode from the roof to the ground by crane holding onto the side of a Gravel Bucket like most of the others who didn't want to climb 10 or 12 stories of stairs 3 or 4 times a day we took the fastest way down from the roof save jumping off of it. Today a worker would be thrown off the job site, fired & fined. It took decades for safey to become a concern with construction workers, faster to catch on in the unions but still it took a long time to take a foothold. I had never heard this story although I left the Union 3 yrs after OSHA came to be, I was still in one of the highest risk construction occupations (roofing just under Ironworking). It's criminal that this happened. I think of all the near misses & mishaps, the injuries I've witnessed & have known some that died on the job by accident, that to think that a push for saftey was derailed is just heart rendering, the injjuries & the lives lost for the sake of taking down unions is unexceptable.
One of Carters' many great achievements was OSHA. On the other hand, what a backslide for workers rights & safety, one of Reagans' many nightmares that we are still reeling from today.

Happy Labor Day