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Posted By: Richard Bridge
30-Aug-08 - 06:42 AM
Thread Name: Tech: How do you register song copyright?
Subject: RE: Tech: How do you register song copyright?
Yes, but I'm not qualified in Canadian or any US law.

It is by no means true that if "someone in Lower Dystopia plays your song on the radio, and everyone fills in their forms correctly, you will, someday, get a nickel". Most performing right collecting societies use a sampling regime - ie they only count what actually goes on on SOME broadcasts and then they sort of assume that the rest are similar. You can give them actual proof that theholder of a blanket licence broadcast your theme tune for a series at 3 am and they could not give a stuff.

To make matters worse, when a society in one jurisdiction accounts to its affiliated society in another, the same may happen again, and teh little fish lose out.

Finally, there are twsorts of reciprocal arrangement between collectiong societies. One goes "We'll collect the money for songs by your writers and give it to you if you do the same in reverse" - eg Englan collects money from songs by Japanese Authors, and gives it to the Japanese society the name of which I think is JASRAC.

THe other goes "We'll collect the money for songs by your writers, and keep it and distribute it amongst our writers, but you can do the same in reverse". In that example England keeps the money from Japanese songs that are hits here, and Japan keeps the money from English songs that are hits there.

Hmm, guess which deal England actually has with Japan?

Oh, and my apologies, I should have said "UK" not England, no offence intended.

And NB mechanical rights societies are not necessarily the same as performing rights societies.