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Posted By: GUEST,Gerry
03-Sep-08 - 12:37 AM
Thread Name: Mad Magazine parodies
Subject: RE: Mad Magazine parodies
At it says,

4 score and like 7 years ago
our old daddies came on this scene with a new group
grooved in free kicks, and hip to the jazz that all cats make it the same.
Now we're real hung up in a crazy big hassle,
digging whether that group, or any group so grooved and so hip, can keep on swinging.
We're making it on a wild spot of that hassle.
We've got eyes to tag a little of that spot as a last lay-down pad
for those who here conked out, so that group might still score.
It's frantically cool and jivey that we're on this kick.
But in a bigger ribble. we can't shake up, we can't sound off,
we can't even clue in this jazz.
The cool cats. with us and down yonder, who flipped here,
have pegged it straighter tha we could ever mess with.
The squares will never buy this bit, nor dig the lyrics we spiel here;
but they can't ever put down what those studs did here.
It's for us, the on-cats, who ought to pick up on those still-wailing blues
which the off-cats who goofed here have blown so crazily up to now.
Like we really ought to be here with eyes fixed on this wild gig
that still needs action,
that from those far-out D.O.A. is we get a little higher on that
kick for which they really went and flipped their gaskets;
that we take it on to set straight - that these cats shall not have
kicked off squares;
that this group under God, shall blow a crazy new sound,
and that a hot combo - of the hipsters, by the hipsters and for the hipsters,
shall not cut from this scene.