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Posted By: Kim C
15-Jun-00 - 03:09 PM
Thread Name: Scathing Article on Recording Industry
Subject: RE: Scathing Article on Recording Industry
I didn't get to read the whole entire thing yet but what I saw was pretty interesting. It ties into an article in today's Tennessean about a new country singer who has had a pretty good hit but still living in a double-wide trailer because he's busy paying back the record company for making his album.

I really believe that independent artists, who have already begun to make a big push in the industry, will be the rule rather than the exception within the next few years, thanks to technological advances which are now available to average Jane and Joe. Mister and I just made our first tape, and thanks to the generosity of friends, all we had to pay for was the manufacturing. We don't owe anybody anything, and I own all my stuff. If I have to start my own label and publishing company, I will do that. And I think more people will too, as time goes on.

The record companies are getting nervous because the artists don't have to rely on them so much anymore.