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Posted By: Jeri
15-Jun-00 - 08:16 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Pretty Boy Floyd (not Guthrie)
Subject: Lyr Add: AVENGING ANNIE
Michele, is it the one that goes:

We ran throught the hills and forests
As two under a spell
He was a city boy Floyd the outlaw
But I thought I knew him well

Long after that great summer
When I first came into my fame
And "the Avenger from Oklahoma"
Was added to my name, the Avenger I became

Well they call me Avenging Annie
I'm the Avenger of womanhood
I spend my whole life tellin' lies
Lead you on and mess you over good.

I take all you spoiled young hippies
Runnin' round playin' games
Mess around in your bed I blow your head
I put you through a change
What you done to others I do to you

But then I met my sensitive outlaw
He was the best thing I had ever seen
I wanna be his wife wanna give him my life
I was so blind I could never have seen
So I joined up with my outlaw, and headed for California

He treat me worse than I ever imagined
He even say he don't want me around
Kept it up so long I couldn't be strong
He run me right into the ground
For five long years, he pick me up and then he slap me down

Well I told my friends about him
The all were on my side
When I could see throught the haze he looked so crazy
I put my head right down and I cried
For my poor lover, cried like a mother for my poor lover

Well I felt so sad about him
But I knew I couldn't do him no good
He was so far gone well standing on the lawn
When I left him I knew I should
I knew I couldn't do him no good

And now I live out on a mountaintop
And I'm almost thirty-five
And I found my peace and I found my release
And I'm happy just to be alive

And I might go back to my Floyd
If I think it's the thing to do
He gave up murder and theft right after I left
And you know I still love him too
Just like your woman loves you
Just like your woman loves you...

Well, they call me Avenging Annie...

Lyrics by Andy Pratt
(c) 1973, April Hill Music