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Posted By: Amos
07-Sep-08 - 12:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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OUt on the cool restless breast of the ocean, before the first light, I launched into the surf, sitting ready and timing the incoming swells until the moment was right, and cutting through them with my prow arching and falling on their shoulders until I was past the breaker line.

Even then, the air was gray, the sea was steely, and the waves chopped this way and that. I made headway against the wind, bearing west and south to the open sea just beyond the cove and the caves that line the bluffs below it. Once there, I could relax and let the low cool wind and choppy sees move me cattycorner into the arch of the cove and down before the bluffs. I broke out a tall car-cup of coffee and sipped, wandering the stream with minor corrections, drifting down before the stern cormorant rookeries and the seal colonies, watching them stir as sun began behind clouds in a hint of morning time hidden in mist.

I rode the swells in close, eyeing them for treachery and timing my turns, along the underpinnings, into the mouths of the gaping caves. When the sea rose up I turned into it, and rod eover it; when it stilled, I let it carry me.

FInally I made my way up wind, across the shoreline, back to the loading beach, and again as I have done before, rode the right wave in at the right time. One almost tracked and turned me, which would have walked me straight into a broach and tumble in another moment, but I fought it off and swung the prow back again, and rode her in to the shallows in the last moment.

It is a lot of work to mount up, and carry the kayak, re-mount it on the cartop afterwards, then bring it down again, clean it and store it and all its paraphernalia, but the moments earned by this effort are golden.

Say Good-Night, Gracie...