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Posted By: nutty
07-Sep-08 - 01:44 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: AL Lloyd - The Singing Englishman
Subject: Tune Req: AL Lloyd - The Singing Englishman
I have been reading The Singing Englishman and am intrigued by some songs he quotes in the chapter on 'What Happened to the Work Songs'.

I'm intrigued because I haven't come across them before and I wonder if anyone out there has tunes for them or can direct me as to where I can find them.

1) The Careful Carter
Oh I am a young man a-driving me team
It's all my delight is in keeping them clean

Ths is the only song that Lloyd gives a title all the rest are simply lyrics

What do you think of our ploughmen now
With their high-cutting ploughs and all

There's some that sing of the hiring fair
And sound out an alarm

My love's a ploughboy and follows the plough
I promised him it and I'll keep it true

The young man and the miller's lass they set out on the hill
Hey, with a gay and a grinding, O

She pressed herself against the wall
Line, twine, the willow and the dee