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Posted By: GUEST,Alex637959
07-Sep-08 - 05:42 PM
Thread Name: My voice is heavily damaged! HELP!
Subject: RE: My voice is heavily damaged! HELP!
Hi there, I'm still reading what everyone has put on here, and I really do think your advice has saved my career. Being a trainee musical theatre teacher, and an avid performer myself, performance is ALL i have in my life, and my scratchy voice is the bane of my performing life - especially when I have to perform the likes of a monologue, as my voice sounds so monotonous sometimes, even when I am trying my best to achieve a natural variety of vocal tones.

I really do believe that if i hadn't come onto this site and got top notch information from such a wonderful online community, I would have done nothing about my voice, and I would have DEFINETLY ruined it. You've made me realise that there is a ray of light, and it's not gone forever.

On another positive note, I have worked two eight hour days this weekend, and I have attempted to rest my voice as much as possible, and when I have had to sing, I have not projected half as much as I usually do, and my doctors appointment is tomorrow at 11.45am, so I will keep you all posted as to how that goes.....

As to everyone on this website, you are all remarkable! I cannot believe I have been lucky to stumble across such a gem! After this message, I am going straight away to sign up, to become a member!

Thanks again everyone!