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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
07-Sep-08 - 10:27 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: AL Lloyd - The Singing Englishman
Subject: RE: Tune Req: AL Lloyd - The Singing Englishman
So there are; pages 58 and 59 to be precise, which ought to appear between 'It's like a raging storm' and 'Stock raising is another thing'. We'd better let Rod know; presumably nobody has mentioned it to him yet, though the book has been there for a couple of years now.

Still, the extra lyrics that may help people to answer your questions are there; bar the final two verses of 'There's some that sing of the hiring fair', which are:

On cabbage cold and taters
They'll feed you like the pigs,
While they sit at their tea and toast,
And ride about in gigs.
The mistress must get "Ma'am" and you
Must lift your cap to her;
And before you find an entrance
The master must get "Sir."

The harvest time when it come round
They'll grudge you sabbath rest.
They'll let you go to worship,
But they like the working best.
The dinner hour it vexes them
And then to us they'll say,
"Come on, my lads, you'll get your rest,
When lying in the clay."