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Posted By: Jayto
07-Sep-08 - 11:01 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: the wampus cat
Subject: RE: Folklore: the wampus cat
I found a book today at Barnes and Noble in Evansville Indiana. Weird Kentucky was the title. You may remember a few years ago these 2 guys wrote a book titled Weird America or something like that maybe Wierd US. Anyway it (Weird Kentucky) tells odd sites and stories from around Kentucky. In it there was a pretty lengthy segment on the Wampus Cat. It said (I just did a quick glance) that there are reports from Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Nothern Tennessee about the critter. They also had Weird Indiana and Illinois for sale there as well. Anyway I saw this thread and that popped in mind. There are all kinds of legends around here about black panthers and an animal locals call "The Varmit". The Varmit is a reall interesting story and was written about in great detail in the local newspaper in the 50's and 60's. There were actual attacks as well as sightings. It was a panther type animal according to reports. I thought you might find that book interesting though. Being at a Barnes and Noble I thought it might be easy for you to locate as well. CYA