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Posted By: GUEST,B Harte
08-Sep-08 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
Subject: RE: BS: A new wrinkle on Nigerian Scams
Some years ago, I used to get a lot of these things (having put some details - qualifications and the like - on a Recruitment site run by a national newspaper in the UK). I set up a new E-Mail account on Yahoo, and transferred the original messages to that; can't quite recall how I did it, but it was possible to store all these scam E-Mails as "drafts", and then it was comparatively simple to put them all in touch with one another. In fact, it was even possible by this method to edit the originals, and I remember one which even had a photograph supposedly of some chief of a Nigerian bank. Having been contacted by numerous widows whose politician husbands had supposedly been done in by Mugabe, I then contacted them with this photo of a beaming, shiny-faced suitor and made all kinds of overtures;

"Hi there, honey, Ah is sho' nuff taken wid yo kind words, and yo jes be gittin yo cute black ass over heah...."

Not surprisingly, the junk mail has ceased.