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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
10-Sep-08 - 12:26 AM
Thread Name: My voice is heavily damaged! HELP!
Subject: RE: My voice is heavily damaged! HELP!
I've enjoyed reading this thread, but haven't remarked until now because I'm not a singer, I just grew up with one. But I do like a good story, and this is fascinating. Stick to your guns, Alex, make yourself heard by your doctors. And welcome to Mudcat! I'm glad you arrived at a point in time when it could be useful to you.

You may have discovered by now that if you click on the link for any individual's name at their post in a thread it will take you to a search results list of all of their Mudcat posts, most recent first. Don Firth has been in an interesting ongoing conversation about the voice and style of Richard Dyer-Bennet that might be of particular interest. As Peace mentioned before, Kendall (Morse) has a several year history embedded in these pages, chronicling voice problems, his cancer diagnosis, finding good medical care (sticking to his guns about it), importing a new wife . . . well, that wasn't to do with the throat cancer, but it was a very happy interlude! . . . and his recuperation and even triumphant return to stage with Utah Phillips. (There is a CD). Bruce (Peace) referred to Kendall, and to his own story, and there have been quite a few others here at Mudcat over the years, if you'll search the forum using a keyword or two and some patience.

A word to the wise--the BS threads below the line are very interesting, but they are wide ranging and not always as civil as above the line. Tread carefully down below, but have fun, and keep us up to date on your progress! :)

Stilly River Sage