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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
10-Sep-08 - 06:38 AM
Thread Name: My voice is heavily damaged! HELP!
Subject: RE: My voice is heavily damaged! HELP!
Richard, don't confuse style with technique - they're not the same things. What you're complaining about is style. Technique is simply the physical use of the body to produce the sound. (They argue about that dichotomy in the harp world too, and no doubt everywhere else.) If you do this in the wrong way you can strain or damage yourself. Technique does not affect the style in which you deliver a song (unless you're in the habit of shouting or belting to the point of hoarseness) - that's an artistic choice.

There is a safe way to sing and a harmful way to sing - though how much stress it puts on the voice depends a lot on what type of music you do, and whether you're obliged to do it constantly or only when you choose. And it sounds as though Alex needs to follow the advice of the professionals at the peril of losing his instrument. He works daily in a field where - unlike "folk" - there is a high demand on producing loud volume over vast ranges, often for two hours, 8 times per week, whether you feel like it or not. Believe me, a lot of performers DO need voice training to help project their sound over a long period without wearing their equipment out. It's not only an artistic expression, it pays their bills so they need to protect and maintain it.

I know from firsthand experience what happens to singers when they don't. Musical theatre and pop are very demanding genres.

And as for jargon - musical terms are phrased in Italian, as ballet terms are phrased in French. It's the international language of the craft and the point of it is that everyone understands it, whatever their native tongue. It really truly is not a snob thing. Why is this any more pretentious than lawyers phrasing things in Latin?