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Thread Name: Lyr Add: Admiral Hosier's Ghost

(see Admiral Hosier's Ghost)

Tune, "Cease, rude Boreas."

HOSIER! with indignant sorrow
I have heard thy mournful tale;
And, if heaven permit, to-morrow
Hence our warlike fleet shall sail.
O'er these hostile waves wide roaming,
We will urge our bold design;
With the blood of thousands foaming,
For our country's wrongs, and thine.

On that day, when each brave fellow
Who now triumphs here with me,
Storm'd and plunder'd Porto Bello,
All my thoughts were full of thee.
Thy disastrous fate alarm'd me;
Fierce thy image glar'd on high I
And with gen'rous ardour warm'd me
To revenge thy fall, or die!

From their lofty ships descending,
Thro' the flood in firm array,
To the destin'd city bending
My lov'd sailors work'd their way:
Straight the foe, with horror trembling,
Quit in haste their batter'd walls;
And in accents undissembling,
As he flies, for mercy calls!

Carthagena, tow'ring wonder!
At the daring deed dismay'd,
Shall, ere long, by Britain's thunder,
Smoaking in the dust be laid.
You, and these pale spectres, sweeping
Restless o'er this wat'ry round,
Whose wan cheeks are stain'd with weeping,
Pleas'd shall listen to the sound.

Still rememb'ring thy sad story,
To thy injur'd Ghost I swear,
By my future hopes of glory,
War shall be my constant care;
And I ne'er will cease pursuing
Spain's proud sons, from sea to sea,
With just vengeance for thy ruin,
And for England, sham'd in thee !

Source: The Early Naval Ballads of England, Vol 2 (1841)
Editor: Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. (James Orchard), 1820-1889

taken from a small broadside, printed at Salisbury. It is stated in the "Suffolk Garland," 8vo. Ipswich, 1828, that its author was one John Price, a land-waiter in the port of Poole. The taking of Porto Bello from the Spaniards, in 1739, appears to have afforded ample scope for the ballad writing generation. In the following year was issued from their press a collection, entitled "Vernon's Glory : containing fifteen new Songs, occasioned by the taking of Porto Bello and Fort Chagre."