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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
11-Sep-08 - 08:54 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Drink Old England Dry
Subject: Lyr. Add: Drink Old England Dry (Non-patriotic)
Air- Lunuun is the Devil (Bryant)

Since I'm named for a song,
First I'll wet my throttle,
Come, waiter, don't be long,
But bring another bottle;
First, I'll toast my friends,
Then my sweethearts pretty,
And then, to make amends,
I'll drink my comrades witty.

Tooral loo, etc.

Here's to all those boys
Who are so brisk and funny,
Here's those who prompt new joys,
And those that lend me money;
Here's the jolly man,
And may he ne'er grow thinner,
For he, whene'er he can,
Invites me to a dinner.

Too ral loo, etc.

Here's to charming Bet,
For she's a maid so jolly,
And here's to lovely Let,
And here's to plump-faced Molly
And here's to Sukie Sly,
Likewise to pale-faced Jenny,
Who looks with roguish eye,
And tells me I'm a ninny.

Too ral loo, etc.

Now to lovely Nan,
For she's the best of lasses,
But not forgetting Fan,
Who cheers me in my glasses;
Fill to Lucy, dear,
Who crowns my life with blisses,
For she it is can cheer
Each passion with her kisses.

Too ral loo, etc.

Now a bumper toast,
Fill the goblets- brimmers,
For we will rule the roast
Until sweet day-light glimmers;
Fill, oh! fill my boys,
All sorrow we defy, sirs,
We'll taste of social joys,
And drink Old England dry, sirs.

Too ral loo, etc.

The Universal Songster or Museum of Mirth: etc., 1828, vol. III, p. 104; Jones and Co., London, Temple of the Muses.

Quite a different song from "Drink Old England Dry" of the Traditional Ballad Index and "Drink Little England Dry" at the Contemplator- Drink Little England Dry

There are many versions of the 'patriotic' song, but so far I haven't found another of this song.