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Posted By: Hawker
12-Sep-08 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Small' Strokes
Subject: RE: BS: 'Small' Strokes
I too have had 2 TIAs or mini strokes, the first about 3 years ago, it took a year to get the brain scan that showed the result I knew before they diagnosed it, I didnt go to the doctors for a week sfate it happened as I knew what had happened and was somewhat scared! Sounds silly but it worked out OK for me. Found myself saying totally the wrong word (often replacing it with something hilarious and out of context) when I Knew whatt I wanted to say. I also often do the You know.... and try to mime the word I am looking for, the kids find this higly entertaining.
my hands didnt work properly for about a week, and when I am tired, I know, because my fingers become useless!
The second rendered me speechless for about an hour, which was frightening, it was a week after my dad died and again I refrained from going to the doctor for 24 hours.
I am fine, have no real problems, High BP and arthritis, but there are a lot worse, so I consider myself very lucky.
Kat that was interesting, I take antihistamines to stop the insane itching that I suffer from as a result of the meds I am taking, as my GP will not take me off the meds, as I am 'stable' at the moment, it works for me but means popping another pill!
Cheers, Lucy