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Posted By: RTim
14-Sep-08 - 01:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyric/Info req: The Colour of Amber
Subject: Lyr Add: THE COLOUR OF AMBER (from Sylvia Barnes)
Well, Well - I have discovered that Sylvia Barnes has a MySpace page - as do I.

So I have friended her and at the same time transcribed her version of the song as on her MySpace page. I hope that is OK Sylvia??

Readers should notice that Sylvia's version contains the Mary Ann Haynes 3 verse version - i.e. verses 1, 2 and 4, while the remaining verses are new - they look familiar to me - but I don't know from where? - Any suggestions?

Sylvia's tune is also as from Mary Ann Haynes.

THE COLOUR OF AMBER - Sylvia Barnes version
(Transcribed by Tim Radford)

The colour of amber was my true love's hair,
And his two blue eyes enticed me,
And his ruby lips, were soft and fine,
And it's many's the time they've been pressed to mine.

For it's I'll go a-fishing all in yonder brook
And I'll catch my love with a line and a hook,
And if he loves me, as I love him,
Then no man on earth shall me and my love twine.

For the laurel grows green, so soft the dew falls down
I met my love as he came to town,
But he turned his head and he did not see
O the tears I shed all for the love of he.

For it's when my apron once it comes so low,
He followed me wherever I might go,
But now it's up and high before,
He passes by and says he loves me no more.

And I wish, I wish, now this is all in vain.
I wish I was a maiden again.
But a maid again that never more be,
When an apple grows on a orange tree.

And I wish I wish my own sweet babe was born,
And smiling on my mammy's knee,
And I was dead and in grave lain,
The long green grass a-growing over me.