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Posted By: Schantieman
14-Sep-08 - 04:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Lord Nelson's flagship
Subject: RE: BS: Lord Nelson's flagship
I can't imagine her anywhere but Portsmouth. That was her home port and it's where Nelson left in Sep 1805 to join her off Gibraltar. And it fits in with the WARRIOR and MARY ROSE and the RN Museum.

If the RN wouldn't keep her on I'm sure a trust somewhere - or a museum - would be set up. They have spent LOADS on renovating her and converting a gallery of the RN Museum into the VICTORY Gallery.....for the bicentenary of Trafalgar in 2005. AND it's the flagship of CINCNAVHOME.   And a BIG tourist attraction that earns a reasonable income.   AND the oldest commissioned ship in the WORLD.

Decommissioning her, still less sinking her, is UNTHINKABLE!