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Posted By: Alice
18-Jun-00 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Flight of Earls (Liam Reilly)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Flight of Earls
Murray, did you email to her? She has an old computer that has not allowed her to download all her email. I think some of it was lost. The ISP was trying to help her.

ok, follow these instructions:

Stand with good posture in front of a mirror.
Remove a tight belt if you are wearing one.
Inhale and allow your abdomen to expand as you breathe in. DO NOT lift your shoulders.
Exhale slowly.
You should see your waist and abdomen contract as the air goes out of your lungs.
Now, think of holding the muscles inside the floor of your abdomen down and continue to pull them down as you inhale.
Hold the muscles down as you inhale and exhale, and you should notice that you were able to breath in more air and take longer to exhale.
Become conscious of your lower ribs being able to expand out as you inhale, giving you more room for air.
Although the air is going into your lungs in your upper body, if you are aware of the feeling of pulling down in your lower body, the space in your diaphram will allow your lungs to expand more.
When you have to hit a high note, don't think "up" think "down" with those abdomen muscles.
By holding down those muscles and sustaining the space for your lungs, you can release the air with more control, more slowly, and with more power for volume if you want it.
Practice singing while using this technique.
It will seem awkward at first, but you will get to the point where you will do it automatically, especially when you hear how well it gets you to the high part of the range and how much easier it is to sing longer notes.

any questions?

thanks for "murder"

bill sang this song when he was here. My voice teacher came to listen. She was here for Bill, Allan, Les, and some of my friends who came over to play. She loved it all. "Marvelous, very authentic, marvelous voices," she said.