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Posted By: Roger the Skiffler
15-Sep-08 - 06:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Postcard from Dendros* 2008
Subject: RE: BS: Postcard from Dendros* 2008
When I had finished jumping up and down and vocalising after the hornet sting mentioned above I pondered on the difference between Greek and AngloAmerican obscenities. Ours are mainly sexual whereas the Greek ones I've learned from my younger Greek friends have been mainly scatalogical. Perhaps the peculiar nature of Greek plumbing has something to do with it. Older memebers of the community deplore such debasement of their beautiful language and a mild "Theos Mou" or "Panagia Mou" usually suffices. However, I am aware of the dangers of learning a language from the youngest community members since one admitted to going up to non-speakers, tapping his wrist and asking in Greek "How many cucumbers can you put up your arse (ass)?". The foreigner assuming he is being asked the time (as he is expected to) holds up 3, 4 or 5 fingers as appropriate and fails to understand the hilarity ensuing.
    One icebnreaker I was told this year is to learn two phrases: "I do not speak Turkish" and "I have never been to Turkey". Any goatherd or fisherman casually acquainted becomes an instant blood brother on hearing these two phrases! In Greece, still, a turkey is just for Xmas.