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Posted By: wysiwyg
15-Sep-08 - 12:07 PM
Thread Name: MudCamp Dorm Open & Suggestion Box
Subject: RE: MudCamp Dorm Open & Suggestion Box
UPDATES, adapted from a post elsewhere....

The 06 Sep 06 - 02:36 PM post above is mostly still in effect, and we will be open for Getaway travelers. The Dorm beds are now couples' beds though-- the twins are gone. There is still a bedroll up there too.

Upgrade of "facilities": The Courtesy Bucket (pee bucket) has been upgraded to a camping PORTAPOTTI. When there are guests up in the Dorm, it can be carried up to sit either in the Dorm or in the landing outside the sleeping space. It really IS odorless!

There is an electric cooler that can be taken up there:

Also headed up there is the new zero-gravity chair Hardi bought me for camping.

We went up to sleep up there last night (the house's only air conditioner is up there and there's a humidity wave here). In the past year we have rearranged the beds to make one king (for us) and one double (for guests). We had not been up there since before vacay, and we'd cleaned and decluttered it then. It was so pretty to see it waiting for us last night. I keep a jar of vanilla spice hand cream up there as well as a vanilla candle, so it's delicious dreaming....

There are three projects left up there: (A) swap around the bed frames so the two matching-height frames are under the twins that became the king; (B) finish the window treatments (have all parts on hand); (C) plank across the milk crates to make shelves for the linens that used to be crammed into a small shelf I re-purposed as my table-side songbooks shelves. I do the layout and paste-up and then, later, collate our songbooks up there. Sometimes I arrange (chordsheets) up there too.

There are still two double-bedded bedrooms upstairs (and a LR couch) in the main house. The upstairs bathroom is more functional in the past, although the tub looks quite awful with rust coming through its no-longer-glazed porcelain from the cast iron underneath it.

We need a little advance notice!