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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
18-Jun-00 - 05:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Are You a Real Paddy or a Plastic Paddy?
Subject: RE: BS: Are You a Real Paddy or a Plastic Paddy?
Well, you may not hate them as individuals, but you should hate the stuff they say. For a start, it's a betrayal of the country they would claim to identify with.

You can tell them that it's thanks to people like them that there was ever any support for partition among ordinary poor protestants.

If it hadn't have been for that kind of sectarian rubbish, Ireland would probably have been free and united 150 years ago or more.

And as for other types of racism - even aside from the fact that it's evil nonsense, which is the real thing that matters, for Ireland to get trapped into racism would do untold damage to its ability to play a proud and valuable role in the world today.

They may say they're Irish, but if they are, they're Irish traitors. And there's always been some like that.