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Posted By: Little Hawk
15-Sep-08 - 04:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: RFKennedy, Jr., - Palin quotes fascist
Subject: RE: BS: RFKennedy, Jr., - Palin quotes fascist
People find useful quotes where they may. Quoting a line or two that you happen to agree with from some body of writing is not tantamount to agreeing with everything that writer ever said or stood for.

For instance, many here have quoted some very perceptive words that Hermann Goering once said about how governments bamboozle their hapless citizens into going to war. By quoting those words, however, a person is NOT saying that he agrees with everything that Hermann Goering ever said or did.

If he were, then some of the most fervent liberals here would instantly become "Nazi sympathizers" merely because they had quoted a brief (and accurate and sensible) comment from Hermann Goering! Think about it.

No one, not even Hermann Goering or Westbrook Pegler, fails to now and then say something that is accurate or that you can agree with.

So why try to play the "guilt by association game" on Sarah Palin because she quoted something Pegler wrote about small town people? So he said, "We grow good people in our small towns, with honesty and sincerity and dignity"?

Well? So what? What is wrongful and offensive about such a statement? Is it a fascist statement? No. It is a statement which, in itself, says nothing bad about anyone.

If it's okay for a liberal to quote an inoffensive (and entirely sensible) statement by Hermann Goering about techniques of government war propaganda, it's okay for Sarah Palin to quote an inoffensive statement by Westbrook Pegler about small town people in America, regardless of what his views may be about other matters such as race or Robert Kennedy. I detest Pegler's attitude toward RFK, but I can't fault him for saying "We grow good people in our small towns, with honesty and sincerity and dignity" nor can I fault Sarah Palin for using that quote. What is she doing when she uses it? Standard political stuff. The Republicans have always done with with small town rural America, and she's pandering for votes to their usual audience, that's all.

Stop sinking to this petty level, and deal with some real stuff...

I don't like Sarah Palin one bit either, I really don't, but I would not go after her over some petty guilt by association tactics. I would go after her on matters of substance, such as her past record in government and public service...and her stated policy positions.