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Posted By: Little Hawk
15-Sep-08 - 06:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: RFKennedy, Jr., - Palin quotes fascist
Subject: RE: BS: RFKennedy, Jr., - Palin quotes fascist
I agree that the Goering quote is different, and in the way you describe.

This controversy, however, is a tempest in a teapot. It indicates only that someone on Sarah Palin's team, some individual has read Westbrook Pegler and likes that particular quote...or they may have heard it from someone else. If you want, start a witchhunt to find out who that original someone is, but it has little to do with the substance of this election campaign.

Do you get that I am drawing attention to the mean-spirited and petty attitude of partisan people on BOTH sides of this election? If you don't like it in others, why do so many of you do it yourselves?