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Posted By: Jim Dixon
15-Sep-08 - 08:37 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: the wampus cat
Subject: Lyr Add: DOSE WAMPUS CAT (Eugenie E. Frohlicher)
The Frontier: A Literary Magazine. Vol 3, no 1, Nov 1922. Missoula, Mont: Published at Montana State University by H. G. Merriam, page 19:

Eugenie E. Frohlicher

Yon don' believe dat? W'y, mon Dieu,
You t'ink dat I am lie to you?
Jus' go down where de riviere back
Into dat bayou dere,
An' see dose wild axe handle track
Jus' runnin' ever'where!

An' where you fin' lots track like dat,
Right dere you fin' dose wampus cat.
You wan' to see dose animaux?
I tell you w'at you do—
Firs' go to Pierre de Rochambeau
An' get hees li'l canoe.

Get a beeg heavy hammaire, too
An' tak' a knife along weet' you.
An' w'en you're out on riviere,
Mak' hole in dat canoe.
Dose wampus cat w'at leeve down dere,
He lak' see w'at you do—

He lak' know w'at ees going on—
Or eef you swamp bateau for fon;
Mebbe he t'ink you're good for eat,
Or got some food weet' you.
Qui sait? At leas', c'est son habite—
He's curyous w'at you do.

Eh? "Curiosite", I said!
An' tru dat hole he pokes hees head.
An' w'en you see dat head come dere
You heet dose wampus cat
A great beeg whack weet' de hammaire
An' knock hees head out flat!

An' den you haul heem in de boat,
An' w'en you see hees long black coat
Weet' spots of rouge an' green an' blue,
You get ver' mad, je sais,
To tin'k you b'leeve he lie to you,
Dat man, moi, Jean Marrier.