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Posted By: Richard Bridge
16-Sep-08 - 04:11 AM
Thread Name: BS: RFKennedy, Jr., - Palin quotes fascist
Subject: RE: BS: RFKennedy, Jr., - Palin quotes fascist
No! There are many points in this. You may grow good people in your small towns, you may grow rednecks who murder out of homophobic and redneck hate, you may grow the xenophobia that so much drives so many in the USA today, but the words in that quote are not the point, albeit I am not that keen on seeing the small-town agenda made a well-spring of political thought.

We know that Palin is (or at least was, and there has been AFAIK no backtracking yet) prepared to consider banning books. The books of this particular writer, calling as they did directly for the assassination of a politician (JFK, but that too is not the point) merit banning, yet Palin uses them to support her agenda.

It may be that Hitler or Mussolini said some things that were correct. Would a politician properly say "As Adolf Hitler rightly said...", and then go on to add whatever it was that Adolf Hitler did rightly say?

Many pigs are, if left to their own devices and not forced by man to live in appalling conditions clean and sweet-smelling animals (or so I have been told) but in the conditions in which domestic pigs live, if you lie down with a pig you will get dirty.

In this case, Palin has lain down with a pig. We now know a little more about her thought process. It was never pretty, but day by day it gets uglier.

LH, you are wrong to apologise for her.