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Posted By: Teribus
16-Sep-08 - 12:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Lord Nelson's flagship
Subject: RE: BS: Lord Nelson's flagship
If memory serves me correctly it's the guns on HMS Victory that are glass-fibre. In a pub tucked out of the way in wilds of Wiltshire I once had a chat with the man responsible for searching out trees and reserving them for repairs to HMS Victory. When the conversation got to golf (Ryder Cup) he asked what club I was a member of, when I told him and he held up a finger and said, "Ahh", as he dived into his little book. After turning up what he was looking for he told me, "You've got five mature oak trees down the length of the thirteenth fairway. They must be a complete and utter nuisance but you can't do anything about them, they have all been reserved for Victory since the early 1930's and according to my book they're still there."