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Posted By: robomatic
16-Sep-08 - 05:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: RFKennedy, Jr., - Palin quotes fascist
Subject: RE: BS: RFKennedy, Jr., - Palin quotes fascist
Adolf Hitler saying "two plus two equals four" doesn't make it wrong, (Although it might make one wish to convert to another base).

So quoting Westbrook Pegler on a particular subject does not automatically make one a sharer of each and every view nor a condoner of each and every quote.

Also note that other famous and famously quoted people, notably H.L. Mencken, have been quoted saying somewhat unsavory things, but Mencken made a lot of purposely inflammatory statements which do not automatically make him, say, an anti-semite. Some of the Pegler quotes I saw may very well be similar in nature.

As for Palin, I think of her as "Willy Stark - With Lipstick!"